What are style lines?

Introduction The basic pattern, a/k/a sloper, is the blueprint of a person’s body. It is a one dimensional representation of the measurements of the body used within a pattern drafting system. Or, the dress form itself is the basic pattern in three dimensional form. It represents the standard size or the size of the personContinue reading “What are style lines?”

Dressmaker’s Library:  Drawing the Fashion Figure for Body Positivity

Introduction The standard croquis favored in fashion illustration is an elongated, slender figure that can be 8, 10 or 12 heads high.  However, this style of croquis is not a modern model of beauty.  It has come and gone with variations throughout the 20th century and into the current time. Fashion designer Erte favored anContinue reading “Dressmaker’s Library:  Drawing the Fashion Figure for Body Positivity”

The Fashion Croquis: Preliminary Sketches of Ensembles

Introduction The full figure does not always have to be drawn in and developed. When you need to focus on the ensemble itself, you can sketch just the outfit and accessories using the croquis under a sheet of tracing paper. Developing the sense of proportion and harmonizing accessories When you are exploring proportions, acceossories andContinue reading “The Fashion Croquis: Preliminary Sketches of Ensembles”

The Fashion Croquis: Muse and Model, source of inspiration!

Introduction The fashion croquis is meant to represent a stylized version of the dressmaker’s or designer’s muse. The form does not have to be realistic. The purpose is to use a representation that enables the imagination to become inspired. The croquis is a means upon which to bring an idea to life in it’s veryContinue reading “The Fashion Croquis: Muse and Model, source of inspiration!”

Preliminary Sketch for New Project-Chambray Shirtwaist Dress

Introduction I always start a project with a sketch. It acts as a roadmap. Once a fitting toile is made, the style may take on further changes. It depends on the resulting drape and other details I may want to add. Right now, I am considering this shirtwaist dress with additional details. The most practicalContinue reading “Preliminary Sketch for New Project-Chambray Shirtwaist Dress”