The Fashion Croquis: Preliminary Sketches of Ensembles


The full figure does not always have to be drawn in and developed. When you need to focus on the ensemble itself, you can sketch just the outfit and accessories using the croquis under a sheet of tracing paper.

Developing the sense of proportion and harmonizing accessories

When you are exploring proportions, acceossories and the total look of an ensemble the full figure can be omitted from the sketch. Sometimes the only detail I add is a hairstyle.  This initial sketch helps finalize the personality of an ensemble.  From there a second sketch can be made, this time drawing in the figure and expression on the face.  Remember, the croquis is a muse and flight of fancy.  You are free to depict both as your imagination concieves of them.

Published by EmilyAnn Frances

Born and grew up in Brooklyn, New York when it was a borough for working families and businesses. It was the pre-Gentrification Brooklyn where you could see the sky against the trees, mingle with people from all backgrounds and make friends. A place where people bought a house for living in. There were no tourists, rarely a hotel and the word luxury was for those who lived far away. After gentrification I felt no connection to the borough or city I once loved. I now live in Linden, New Jersey where a spirit of community and neighborly interest still exists.