Pour Moi…a journey to personal style through dressmaking

The Miss Naomi Norma Carol dress, named after three WordPress bloggers who encouraged me through this project.

My mother and maternal grandmother taught me that fashion comes and goes. Style endures. It is always with you because it is your personal expression. Style is more than just the clothes you wear. It is the colors you coordinate and the accessories that complete the outfit. Style is also how you walk, how you sit, how you treat others and are perceived by them. It springs from your heart and mind. Your style is received by the world and then reflected back to you.

Pour Moi means for me in French. To be pour moi means developing a style sense and style expression suited to who I am as a total person. It is the expression of my femininity. I hope that by sharing my journey I may encourage you in your own style exploration and expression.

In addition to acting as my online portfolio, this blog will also feature sewing techniques, free pattern drafting instructions and consideration of perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry and shoes that complement a classic ensemble.