Pour Moi…my sources of inspiration

As a child growing up in an Italian-American family and community, I was surrounded by a mix of the style sense and expression of women from my ancestral country and the country of my birth. The women in my family, the mothers of my friends, the female teachers at our public schools and the women who were our neighbors all had different, distinct expressions of their personal style. What they shared was a practical approach to style sense that had a distinct flair. They wore fashion basics with an emphasis on fine fabrics and good fit. They used color, separates and a few select accessories to take their seasonal wardrobes as far as possible. The also used jewelry, make-up and hair styling to increase the range of their style expression. Gold jewelry was preferred, especially small hoop earrings and pearl or diamond studs. New pieces were added to their wardrobes each season. Dresses were for special occasions. Skirts, blouses, slacks and cardigan sets were the common outfits of the older women. Teens and younger women also had jeans as an integral part of their wardrobe. Jeans were always worn with pretty shoes, even high heels, and feminine blouses.

Culturally and aesthetically I am rooted in women’s fashions of the west. I am influenced by a few past designers of England (Mary Quant, Barbara Hulanicki), America (Emily Wilkens, Claire McCardell) and France (Christian Dior).

After graduating from college, I attended a dressmaking school for three years. I earned an advanced certificate in hand sewing, flat patternmaking, draping, fashion history and sketching. Here I had the environment in which dreams could find expression and flights of fancy were encouraged. Being that my initial influences were rooted in the practical, everyday dressing and sensibility of the Italian-American community I focused on bringing to expression something different. I decided to refine the looks of the community I grew up in. My goal is to give these style expressions and sense an enduring quality that can meet the needs of a wide range of times and places.

I have many modern sources of inspiration. The best example is Marfy design studio in Italy.