What are style lines?

Introduction The basic pattern, a/k/a sloper, is the blueprint of a person’s body. It is a one dimensional representation of the measurements of the body used within a pattern drafting system. Or, the dress form itself is the basic pattern in three dimensional form. It represents the standard size or the size of the personContinue reading “What are style lines?”

Work in Progress: New Misses 8 Sloper

Introduction I have begun draping a new Misses Size 8 Sloper that is slightly different than the sloper previously completed and now available for your use to size in a graphics program. The earlier sloper has worked well but I want to create another one to check the differences in fit. This project got itsContinue reading “Work in Progress: New Misses 8 Sloper”

Dressmaking Past & Present: Tailoring a dressmaker’s suit-Tips from Coats & Clark in the 1940s

Introduction Dressmaking Past & Present is a new feature at Pour Moi. Fashion History provides us with inspirations for our personal style. Understanding and learning about techniques used in the past and the present helps us find a variety of methods for possible use in our own projects. This week, I put up some scansContinue reading “Dressmaking Past & Present: Tailoring a dressmaker’s suit-Tips from Coats & Clark in the 1940s”

Classic Accessories: Clutch Purse, 1940s Crochet Pattern

Introduction A clutch purse never goes out of style. It can be used for a formal occasion. Or, it can be popped into a larger tote bag when going out for the day and come out later for use. Clutch purses are not meant to hold everything. Just what is needed for an afternoon orContinue reading “Classic Accessories: Clutch Purse, 1940s Crochet Pattern”

Free 1949 flat patternmaking book available!

Thanks to the Internet Archive, vintage sewing and fashion enthusiasts can download a PDF version of How to design beautiful clothes, by Esther Pivnick. The book was published in 1949. The patternmaking system used is the same as what was taught at the Traphagen School of Design in New York City. This book offers aContinue reading “Free 1949 flat patternmaking book available!”

Pattern Diagram: 1940s inspired skirt and blouse

Introduction Front, back and 3/4 view of the Linda 1940s inspired skirt and blouse. First sketch, photo of me in the finished outfit. This pattern is released into the commons for you to copy and size in your graphics program. It is based on 1940s vintage pattern envelope illustrations. Construction highlights are provided in thisContinue reading “Pattern Diagram: 1940s inspired skirt and blouse”

The Linda Walking Skirt and Short Dolman Sleeve Blouse, 1940s style

Introduction Last Spring I began development of a walking skirt and short dolman sleeve blouse based on two vintage pattern illustrations. I studied the wardrobe basics of 1940s everyday women’s wear. Clothing in the early to mid-1940s had to be functional. Fabrics, threads and notions were not easily available due to rationing. All resources, includingContinue reading “The Linda Walking Skirt and Short Dolman Sleeve Blouse, 1940s style”

Styling Adventure: Taking inspiration from a retro look

Introduction It is possible to create a retro inspired look interpreted through your own style sensibility. You do not even need to have authentic vintage fashions and accessories to do this. What you do need is a sense of adventure and a keen eye. These can be applied when evaluating the clothes and accessories youContinue reading “Styling Adventure: Taking inspiration from a retro look”

Tutorial: How to sew an all-in-one facing

Introduction The neckline and armholes of the 1950s styled Dirndl Dress were finished with an all-in-one facing.  The instructions I followed are from Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing, seventh printing, July 1980. Preparation I cut the interfacing for the neckline and the armholes separately.  The interfacing can be cut on the bias to giveContinue reading “Tutorial: How to sew an all-in-one facing”

How to iron delicate and vintage washable clothing

Previous postings in this series How to store your Vintage and Hand Made ClothingTips for clothing storage: muslin vs. breathable synthetic garment bags; cedar chips; skirt hangers,; padded blouse and dress hangers. Paris Frocks at Home: How to tub your Paris Frocks at homeHand laundering instructions from 1930s sewing and styling book published by ButterickContinue reading “How to iron delicate and vintage washable clothing”