Tutorial: How to sew an all-in-one facing

Introduction The neckline and armholes of the 1950s styled Dirndl Dress were finished with an all-in-one facing.  The instructions I followed are from Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing, seventh printing, July 1980. Preparation I cut the interfacing for the neckline and the armholes separately.  The interfacing can be cut on the bias to giveContinue reading “Tutorial: How to sew an all-in-one facing”

How to iron delicate and vintage washable clothing

Previous postings in this series How to store your Vintage and Hand Made ClothingTips for clothing storage: muslin vs. breathable synthetic garment bags; cedar chips; skirt hangers,; padded blouse and dress hangers. Paris Frocks at Home: How to tub your Paris Frocks at homeHand laundering instructions from 1930s sewing and styling book published by ButterickContinue reading “How to iron delicate and vintage washable clothing”

Hand washing vintage clothing and lingerie, modern lingerie, and delicate clothing

Introduction In my previous posting, CLOTHING CARE FOR WASHABLE HANDMADE AND VINTAGE CLOTHING, PART 2, I presented screen shots from the 1930 book Paris Frocks at Home. The instructions in this chapter of the book present useful pointers for hand washing the lightweight, delicate garments coming into vogue as the 1930s started. It was noContinue reading “Hand washing vintage clothing and lingerie, modern lingerie, and delicate clothing”

Clothing Care for Washable Handmade and Vintage Clothing

Introduction Many vintage sewing books have chapters devoted to the hand laundering and pressing of delicate and handmade clothing. Detailed instructions also include how to block wo0len sweaters, pre-shrink wools, and prepare silks for ironing. Paris Frocks At Home was published by the Butterick Publishing Company in 1930. It, too, includes instructions on how toContinue reading “Clothing Care for Washable Handmade and Vintage Clothing”

Clothing Care & Storage

Introduction Proper storage and care for our vintage and handmade clothing prolongs the life of the garment for the future.  An investment in the materials and accessories to achieve this goal are well worth it.  I will share some of my own tips on how to provide the care your clothes need before being putContinue reading “Clothing Care & Storage”

Draped Princess Bodice and Flared Skirt Jumper 1950s Style

Introduction I always wanted a princess seamed dress or overblouse. Now that I have fulfilled the realization of my idea I have to say that it did not fulfill all my expectations. It did turn into a good learning experience about fit, style lines and individual body shapes. Photos of the Jumper Background of theContinue reading “Draped Princess Bodice and Flared Skirt Jumper 1950s Style”

Dressmaker’s Library:  Drawing the Fashion Figure for Body Positivity

Introduction The standard croquis favored in fashion illustration is an elongated, slender figure that can be 8, 10 or 12 heads high.  However, this style of croquis is not a modern model of beauty.  It has come and gone with variations throughout the 20th century and into the current time. Fashion designer Erte favored anContinue reading “Dressmaker’s Library:  Drawing the Fashion Figure for Body Positivity”

New Precision Draping Project: Pencil skirt and blouse with ruffled collar

More practice in Precision Draping.  Half-toile of pattern made from tissue paper drape.  First fitting.  Sleeve made through flat patternmaking.  Ruffled collar made off of the drape through flat patternmaking. Facing and buttonhole extension to be added.  To be paired with a pencil skirt drafted from a pattern created with instructions from the 60s.   Style influences areContinue reading “New Precision Draping Project: Pencil skirt and blouse with ruffled collar”