Inspiration Board: High fashion Sketches 1968

All illustrations from “Illustrating Fashion” by Edith Sloan, published circa 1969.

Some of the looks popular in the 1970s were already coming to the fore in 1968. The longer skirt lengths brought the look back to that of sophistication. The Dolly Girl look of the Mod 60s was phasing out.

Published by EmilyAnn Frances

Born and grew up in Brooklyn, New York when it was a borough for working families and businesses. It was the pre-Gentrification Brooklyn where you could see the sky against the trees, mingle with people from all backgrounds and make friends. A place where people bought a house for living in. There were no tourists, rarely a hotel and the word luxury was for those who lived far away. After gentrification I felt no connection to the borough or city I once loved. I now live in Linden, New Jersey where a spirit of community and neighborly interest still exists.