Work in Progress: New Misses 8 Sloper

Introduction I have begun draping a new Misses Size 8 Sloper that is slightly different than the sloper previously completed and now available for your use to size in a graphics program. The earlier sloper has worked well but I want to create another one to check the differences in fit. This project got itsContinue reading “Work in Progress: New Misses 8 Sloper”

The Linda Walking Skirt and Short Dolman Sleeve Blouse, 1940s style

Introduction Last Spring I began development of a walking skirt and short dolman sleeve blouse based on two vintage pattern illustrations. I studied the wardrobe basics of 1940s everyday women’s wear. Clothing in the early to mid-1940s had to be functional. Fabrics, threads and notions were not easily available due to rationing. All resources, includingContinue reading “The Linda Walking Skirt and Short Dolman Sleeve Blouse, 1940s style”

Misses Size 8 Slopers you may copy and use

I am releasing my Misses size 8 slopers into the commons. I grant permission to anyone who wants to use them commercially or personally. You can copy, download and size in your graphics program. My reason for making these available is to help others get a head start on their patternmaking and dressmaking business orContinue reading “Misses Size 8 Slopers you may copy and use”