Free Pat Perkins 1950s inspired Repro Dress Pattern


I am releasing my pattern for the Alice Elizabeth dress into the public domain. You are free to download and size it up or down in a graphics program. You can alter the design. I also give permission to use it privately or commercially.

This is a basic pattern that you can use as the basis of your own rendition of the style.

Please refer to the following posting for further details and as a guide to whether or not you want to make the dress with closures like I used or that are on the original 1950s dress.

Pat Perkins Everyday/House Dress Circa 1950s – Analysis

Alice Elizabeth dress – Construction details on my interpretation of the Pat Perkins dress

This pattern was created using a combination of draping and flat pattern making based on the 1947 technique, Precision Draping. A Wolf Form in Misses 8 was used. The resulting dress can be labelled a Misses 6/8.

The pattern is showed on a cutting mat using inches. All pattern pieces do not have seam allowances.


Front Bodice
Back Yoke and Bodic

Six-gore Skirt

Frong of six-gore skirt.
Back of six-gore skirt

All-in-one sleeve

All-in-one sleeve

Top collar, under collar, front interfacing

Top collar and bottom collar.
Interfacing front bodice and skirt.

Published by EmilyAnn Frances

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