Photos of me wearing the Pat Perkins 1950s dress and my 2021 version

Please note: I forgot to button the second button on the Alice Elizabeth dress when putting it on for the photo. Also my version of the dress was created for a Misses Size 8. I did not alter the pattern or the dress because this is part of my portfolio, not my personal wardrobe.

The Pat Perkins dress is a little short in the waist for me. otherwise the fit is very good. There is a 2″ style ease at the waistlisne which makes putting on the dress very easy. I wore the dress all morning and found the side zipper did not bother me at all. Going forward, I will use a lapped zipper in he side seam for my next 1950s style dress. I think I made too much work for myself going with snaps from waist to knee.

The side seam zipper lies flat. It does not affect the hip line or bodice side seam. I think this is because the fabric is a lightweight cotton. This was an amazing purchase, The dress is in such good condition. I feel so fortunate to have it both to wear and use as a study piece for learning more about vintage garment construction.

Published by EmilyAnn Frances

Born and grew up in Brooklyn, New York when it was a borough for working families and businesses. It was the pre-Gentrification Brooklyn where you could see the sky against the trees, mingle with people from all backgrounds and make friends. A place where people bought a house for living in. There were no tourists, rarely a hotel and the word luxury was for those who lived far away. After gentrification I felt no connection to the borough or city I once loved. I now live in Linden, New Jersey where a spirit of community and neighborly interest still exists.