Hand washing vintage clothing and lingerie, modern lingerie, and delicate clothing

Introduction In my previous posting, CLOTHING CARE FOR WASHABLE HANDMADE AND VINTAGE CLOTHING, PART 2, I presented screen shots from the 1930 book Paris Frocks at Home. The instructions in this chapter of the book present useful pointers for hand washing the lightweight, delicate garments coming into vogue as the 1930s started. It was noContinue reading “Hand washing vintage clothing and lingerie, modern lingerie, and delicate clothing”

Clothing Care for Washable Handmade and Vintage Clothing

Introduction Many vintage sewing books have chapters devoted to the hand laundering and pressing of delicate and handmade clothing. Detailed instructions also include how to block wo0len sweaters, pre-shrink wools, and prepare silks for ironing. Paris Frocks At Home was published by the Butterick Publishing Company in 1930. It, too, includes instructions on how toContinue reading “Clothing Care for Washable Handmade and Vintage Clothing”

Clothing Care & Storage

Introduction Proper storage and care for our vintage and handmade clothing prolongs the life of the garment for the future.  An investment in the materials and accessories to achieve this goal are well worth it.  I will share some of my own tips on how to provide the care your clothes need before being putContinue reading “Clothing Care & Storage”