Creating a Basic Fitting Toile &Alterations, Part 3

Introduction When I draped the basic skirt I ended up with two darts for the front and back skirts. I had followed the instructions in in Draping for Fashion Design by Hilda Jaffe and Nurie Rellis. Although the dart intake was evenly distributed the finished results were unsatisfactory. In this posting I will share howContinue reading “Creating a Basic Fitting Toile &Alterations, Part 3”

Draping: Placement & length of bodice and skirt darts

Introduction In my posting Draping: Pin Fitting the First Pattern, I showed photos of the first paper pattern created from the initial drape. I tested the paper pattern on a half-toile and found the dart placement, width and length on bodice and skirt needed correction. This posting presents some important pointers on darts from myContinue reading “Draping: Placement & length of bodice and skirt darts”